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Head Massager Relieve Stress | Anti Anxiety
Head Massager Relieve Stress | Anti AnxietyHead Massager Relieve Stress | Anti AnxietyHead Massager Relieve Stress | Anti AnxietyHead Massager Relieve Stress | Anti AnxietyHead Massager Relieve Stress | Anti AnxietyHead Massager Relieve Stress | Anti Anxiety

"I love this electric massager. It’s easy to use and feels wonderful! I use it for head massages because I get tension headaches, and I’m happy I purchased this one."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jenny T - Sydney Australia


✔️Reduce muscle and joint pain

✔️Improve your dog health & wealth being

✔️Relaxing and enjoyable via increasing blood circulation

✔️Eliminates fatigue and releases stress

✔️Improves sleep quality


 Easy to use - One-button operation is easy to control, press the top button to control clockwise, counterclockwise and different speed of kneading.

 The Head Massager Relieve Stress with 76 individual and soft silicone nodes and 3D deep-kneading make your pets relaxing and enjoyable via increasing blood circulation. The claw-contacts are dismountable.

 Improve your Pet health : Massages your pet to ease itchiness, eliminates fatigue and anti anxiety. High quality massage heads take good care of their skin, safe and comfortable.

 No Noise - A very low whirling hum from scalp massager for your cats and dogs will not be bothered by the sound.

  The Head Massager Relieve Stress  grooming tool is rechargeable. Get a full charge one time and the pet can enjoy a two hour cozy massage.

  The Head Massager Relieve Stress is also suitable for human. Special handle design and light characteristic make head massager easy to use and carry. You can use it at home, office or business trip to release tension of your neck, shoulder and body.


Nothing soothes your mind and body after a long day as much as a relaxing massage does. The Head Massager Relieve Stress will stimulate acupuncture points, relieve subcutaneous tissue, untangle the knots and promote blood circulation. When you massage your scalp, your entire body relaxes almost instantly. A head massage can help you reduce tension headaches and melt away your stress in minutes. If you’re dealing with hair loss or thinning hair, a good scalp massage stimulates your hair follicles, allowing more blood flow and nutrients to fuel hair growth.

The massager has 4 massage heads with overall 76 individual nodes which rotate both in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction giving you a soothing massage. The device can also be used for the whole body relaxation — massage your scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arm, leg, foot, etc. All you have to do is sit down, press the ‘On’ button, and feel the relief from muscle tension. Or you can carry it on the go, enjoying self massaging whether in travel or at office.

This is also a great massager to use in the bath or shower for an at-home spa treatment as it’s made of waterproof material. Massaging while bathing can release tension, exfoliate scalp skin, and remove excess oil and buildup. Suitable for people of all ages and activity: students, business people, middle-aged and elderly people, travelers, sports enthusiasts.

MULTI-PURPOSE — Can be used for the whole body massage to provide deep relaxation, eliminate fatigue and reduce stress. The eco-friendly soft silicone heads prevent hair from being pulled or tangled and don’t hurt your skin.

 PORTABLE & RECHARGEABLE — Comes with a charging base (not waterproof) and a USB charging cable and it lasts for a couple of hours once full charged. Use it for 10 minutes a day and it’ll last for a week. It’s compact, cordless portable design allows you to massage your head or your whole body at home, work or when you travel.

DETACHABLE & WASHABLE MASSAGE HEADS — It is easy to pull them off for quick cleaning.


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